Tanya Hyjazi: 5 Things To Know About Chumlee From ‘Pawn Stars’ Girlfriend

'Pawn Stars' fans are still reeling from Chumlee’s shocking arrest on March 9 -- including his girlfriend, Tanya Hyjazi! As Chumlee deals with weapons and drugs charges, as well as his sexual assault investigation, here are 5 things to know about his bae, Tanya. Austin Russell, the Pawn Stars goof better known as Chumlee, is in some major trouble. Police arrested Chumlee after finding drugs and guns in his house while investigating him for an alleged sexual assault. Hopefully, the Clark County jail allows visitors so his girlfriend, Tanya Hyjazi, can see him. As this scandal unfolds, get to know more about Chumlee’s "better half."

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1. Tanya has mad cooking skills that helped her boyfriend ditch the pounds.

Tanya works as a chef at the Stack Restaurant and Bar in Las Vegas, according to In Touch. Her culinary skills were able to help Chumlee shed over 75 pounds in a single year! Too bad Chumlee had a hankering for some illegal substances, as cops found methamphetamines, marijuana and several guns in his home while conducting a March 9 search over an alleged sexual assault case.

2. She had rich tastes when it comes to fashion and cakes.

Tanya and Chumlee began dating in 2013, according to Heavy.com. When they celebrated her birthday that year, Chumlee took her out on a date at The D Hotel. He gifted her a cake shaped like a Louis Vuitton bowling ball bag. How sweet! Learn more about Chumlee by clicking here.

3. Tanya’s keeps her love for Chumlee close to her chest — which he paid for.

That’s not all Chumlee got his girlfriend, as he reportedly bought her a pair of “bowling balls” – for her chest! “She wanted a boob job,” Chumlee told the Las Vegas Review Journal in 2013. “She was going to pay it herself but she works so hard. She’s a chef for a major casino. I thought to myself, it literally takes me a couple hours of work to buy a boob job so why would I make her pay for them?”

4. She’s Lebanese-American.

If you’re wondering where someone gets the last name “Hyjazi,” fret no more! Chumlee’s girl heritage is Lebanese, according to In Touch. Well, Lebanese food is delicious, so no wonder Chumlee fell head over heels for her.

5. She’s also a Pawn Star – sorta.

Tanya is into tattoos and piercings, according to Daily Entertainment News. But if she looks familiar and you’ve never been to Vegas, that’s because she made a brief appearance on Chumlee’s show in 2013. Will she make an appearance at the jail while Chumlee deals with his legal problems? We’ll have to see if a romance that resulted in weight loss and boob jobs can survive reported drug charges and alleged sexual assault.

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