Chris Brown Shows His Support For Bernie Sanders With Racy ‘Feel Da Bern’ Picture

Chris Brown is 'Feeling da Bern!' On social media, the singer shared a crazy photo of Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, with a voluptuous woman around him. See the racy pic, here. Chris Brown, 26, is finally showing some political involvement, but in a very strange way. The singer uploaded an interesting picture of Presidential Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders, 74, that is showing that he's really "feeling da Bern." Did he take it too far? Take a look at the pic.

In the photo that Chris uploaded to his Instagram account on Mar. 3, it features two faces close-ups of Bernie, with duplicate pictures of the same woman wearing nothing but a tight pink tank top and pink thong. The photo also has fire as the background, hence the meaning, “feel da Bern.”  Yeah, it’s crazy and very provocative.

This is the first time Chris is showing his support for a Presidential candidate, and we’ve got to admit that it’s a very weird way to do it. He isn’t the only celebrity that is “feeling da Bern!” A-listers who are supporting Bernie in Election 2016 include Spike Lee, John C. Reilly, Danny DeVito, Mark Ruffalo, Sarah Silverman, Will Ferrell, Justin Long, and Susan SarandonWow, that’s a great group of supporters!

Aside from Chris showing his love for Bernie, he’s been busy focusing on his music recently. even EXCLUSIVELY learned that he might be recording a song with “Pillowtalk” hottie, Zayn Malik, 23. “Chris and Zayn have become super tight, so much so that they even want to record more music together. They spend a lot of time spray painting together. They have actually really bonded over graffiti art, where they talk for hours about their lives and music,” a source told us. We can’t wait to hear it!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think about the racy picture Chris shared of the Presidential candidate? Let us know!

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