‘Fuller House’ Pays Homage To The Original & Breaks The Fourth Wall In The Best Ways

From the cast literally looking into the camera and referencing their other jobs to side by side stills of 'Full House,' one thing the Netflix reboot gets right is the references to the original. While the opening credits features multiple side-by-sides of the Fuller House cast then and now, the adults leave town and the three girls are left on their own -- sort of. During the 13 episodes, there are multiple callbacks to those who watched every single episode ever of Full House -- like me. So I'm here to give you the best part of the reboot: all the parts that referenced back to the show that we actually liked.

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Full House References In Fuller House
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1. First thing’s first — we had to get that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s absence, which is approached within the first five minutes of the series. Stephanie asks where her little sister is when she gets home. “Michelle sends her love but she’s busy in New York running her fashion empire,” Danny says. And with that, as the six originals — DJ, Steph, Danny, Joey, Becky and Joey — all look at the camera.

2, During a night out, DJ and Steph recall the time they put a curtain rod through their dad’s bedroom wall followed by that silly song “Dad, dad, dad.” Kimmy also pointed out that Michelle most likely wandered in the room because well, she always did.

3. While Steph and Kimmy stepped in to take care of DJ’s baby, Tommy Jr. “I changed so many of Michelle’s diapers it was like they’re were two of them,” Steph said, which got a ton of laughs, naturally throwing it back to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s twinning ways. (Side note, it’s also twins playing Tommy Jr.)

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4. The hugging was a constant in Full House and that remains this time — as does the cheesy end of the episode music or “violins,” as Jesse refers to them. In one episode he mentions it not once, but twice, before smiling at the camera.

5. Candace Cameron Bure‘s post-Full House gig, Dancing with the Stars. While dancing with DWTS pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy he asks her how she got so good. Her response: “I watch Dancing with the Stars every week.” His response: “That’s impossible; it’s seasonal and rotates with The Bachelorette.”

So, did you love Fuller House?