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Emma Watson’s Wild Confession: I’m Subscribed To A Sex Help Website

Wow! During a live on-stage interview, Emma Watson revealed that she subscribes to a site that researches sex and provides information on how women can improve their sex lives! Emma Watson, 25, is not being shy about her thirst for knowledge and, more importantly, better sex.

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Emma Watson Sex Subscription
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No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Emma Watson, aka Hermoine from the Harry Potter series, has proudly confessed that she is a member of a sex help website that provides real scientific research to help women specifically improve their sexual encounters. Whoa, Em!

“I wish it had been around longer. Definitely check it out,” Emma told Gloria Steinem in a live on-stage interview, referring to the website OMGYES.com, reports Us Weekly. “It’s an expensive subscription but it’s worth it.” By expensive, Emma means that it’s $59 for a subscription, although the site is currently advertising them on sale for $29.

When the New York Post reached out the OMGYES to get more information, they shared that they’ve received “$4.6 million in funding and are doing that research” you will have access to on the site. “Instead of just making academic journal articles, we’re making the findings practical, real, and experiential in the form of documentary interviews — both explicit and non-explicit — with real-life women, not actresses,” explained a rep for the site.

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While it’s definitely surprising that Emma would be subscribed to a site that would provide research, tips, and advice for her sex life at such a young age, it also appears to be a very empowering thing for her. She was happy to share the information with her fans during the live interview, and didn’t mind talking about how much she enjoyed the website.

It’s no secret that Emma is a diehard feminist, so it’s safe to assume she feels strongly that women should be able to enjoy and talk about sex in the same vein as men when necessary. We love that Emma is so open about such a personal part of her life, and we’re sure her fans — and women everywhere — will appreciate knowing that sites like OMGYES exist for them.

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