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Joey & Rory Feek’s Daughter Indiana Says ‘Mama & Dada’ For First Time In Cute Video — Watch

She's talking! She's really talking! Joey and Rory Feek's precious little girl was filmed saying 'Mama' and 'Dada' for the first time without using sign language. Click to see the heartwarming video. Rory, 49, and Joey Feek’s, 40, precious little daughter hit a major milestone -- she spoke for the first time on Feb. 21 without the use of sign language! While the little girl's mom bravely battles cancer in hospice care at home, Indiana, 2, who was born with Down Syndrome, was in the car with her daddy, breaking down a major language barrier.

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Joey Feek Daughter Talks First Time
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Look — no hands! Precious Indiana has done it — she spoke without the use of her hands and it’s amazing. Her proud daddy shared the epic moment, which he captured on video and uploaded to Instagram. He captioned the clip: “look papa, no hands!!! I took Indy to the grocery store this afternoon and by the time we got home she was saying sounds back to me without using sign language.” In the video, you hear Rory prompt his baby girl to say “mama” and without hesitation she clearly responds back: “Mama.” He tries again with “dada” and Indiana not only nails that word too, but she even follows it up with “Lala.” Truly an amazing feat!

Indiana hit another milestone last week, she turned two years old! Rory and Joey celebrated their little one’s BIG second birthday on Feb. 17. “Some birthdays are more than just birthdays. They’re dreams coming true and prayers being answered,” Joey and Rory captioned a photo of Joey with Indiana. It was such a touching photograph. Keep them coming Rory!  Stream Joey and Rory’s music now.

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