Big Ang: Loved One Says She ‘Looked Gorgeous’ In Open Casket — Watch

Despite all the drama that went on during Big Ang's disco-themed wake on Saturday, Feb. 20, she still 'looked gorgeous' in her open casket, a loved one revealed as she was exiting the funeral home with Renee Graziano in Brooklyn, New York. Watch the video here. Just like an episode of Mob Wives, Big Ang's disco-themed wake on Saturday, Feb. 20 was full of drama with certain people being banned from attending, and others creating a spectacle. But most importantly, Big Ang remained the star -- as loved ones exited the service, they said she "looked gorgeous" in the open casket.

As Renee Graziano was spotted leaving the disco wake in Brooklyn, New York, TMZ asked her, “How was the service?” And she responded, “It was absolutely beautiful.” Then, a friend, who was clutching her arm, added, “And Angela looked absolutely gorgeous. I will say that.”

Well, at least something positive was said about Big Ang’s wake. As previously reported, a lot of drama went down at the Saturday service. Not only was Karen Gravano banned because she’s a “rat,” but Drita D’Avanzo tried to steal the spotlight.

“At the wake, the family was furious at how Drita came in with bodyguards escorting her, which made a scene. There were all family and friends there. This was a private event. None of the other girls behaved that way. One family member even made a comment saying, ‘Doesn’t she know that there’s only one star here today?’ They felt she was trying to steal the spotlight and make it all about her. They felt her behavior was fake and for theatrical purposes,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY.

Our thoughts continue to go out to Big Ang’s family and friends during this difficult time.

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