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‘Supernanny’ Father Gets Death Threats After Disciplining Son With Belt — Watch

'Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour' took a dark turn after a recent episode showcased a father shockingly disciplining his young child with a belt. The occurrence was so awful, that the host (Jo Frost) reported the man to child services herself! Click to see the unsettling clip. Chris Spiney, a father on the Supernanny spinoff show, Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour, was caught on camera accusing his son Marcus, 9, of using a cell phone charger without permission. Footage shows him removing his belt and going after his son and awful sounds of whipping were caught on camera. The alarming episode outraged fans so badly, that they started to send death threats to the father.

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Supernanny Father Disciplines Son Belt
Image Credit: Image courtesy of UPtv

A father on Jo Frost: Nanny On Tour is now receiving death threats after his family’s episode aired Feb. 18 on the UP channel, according to TMZ. During the show, you see the dad getting mad at his young son for using his cellphone charger without permission. He asks the child to stand in front of him where he could reprimand him, but the child refuses. The father tells him to go upstairs to his bedroom and wait. We then see Chris stand up, pull his belt from his pants and head up the stairs. The pair then go into the bedding, even though the child clearly is scared for his life. Although the episode didn’t show the actual “whipping” you can hear the young boy screaming and crying behind the closed bedroom door. After the host of the show Jo Frost reviewed the footage, she report Chris to child services.

Chris told TMZ that DCFS (Department of Children and Family Services) did investigate the incident but found zero evidence of wrongdoing. The dad stated that he had only “hit his bed” with the belt and that Marcus was crying because “he was frightened.” Fans responded to the episode by sending Chris death threats on Facebook and now he’s considering legal action against the show. His family reportedly retained an attorney, because “we are not people that beat their kids. We are leaders in our community and this has put a strain on our family.”

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