Lisa Rinna Slams Yolanda Foster: You’re Faking Lyme Disease

Lisa Rinna will not stop accusing Yolanda Foster of faking her Lyme disease for attention and she took it to a whole new level during 'RHOBH' when she said she thinks she suffers from Munchausen Syndrome, which basically means her disease is all in her head! Lisa Rinna is on the attack! The actress will not stop telling the world that she believes Yolanda Foster is pretending to have Lyme disease. It turns out Lisa heard a rumor from her hairdresser, that Yolanda has Munchausen syndrome. But Yolanda fired back during WWHL with Andy Cohen and revealed that it's ridiculous that Lisa keeps running her mouth.

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“Are you really going to listen to what the hairdresser says? If you’re my friend you should be saying ‘what are you talking about’,” Yolanda said Feb. 16. “It’s hurtful…obviously I’m sharing my journey to bring awareness to Lyme disease, and chronic invisible disease in general. I’m not sharing for a pity party or trying to get any special attention. I’m as frustrated with the disease as everybody else is … but I want answers, I want a cure.”

Just to give you a little back story … Munchausen syndrome is a disease in which someone “exaggerates or creates symptoms of illnesses in themselves to gain examination, treatment, attention, sympathy, and/or comfort from medical personnel.” Yikes! This is quite the accusation coming from Lisa. Yolanda confronted Lisa during the RHOBH and said: “I don’t care. You said it. You put it out in the universe, and it sucks. You labeled Kim last year, you labeled Brandi, and now you’re labeling me.” It really is ridiculous that Lisa is going around spreading such hurtful rumors that have no basis whatsoever!

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