Rob Kardashian Jokes He’s Giving Blac Chyna His ‘Eggplant’ For Valentine’s Day

Talk about a raunchy Valentine! Before Rob Kardashian gave Blac Chyna any flowers or jewelry for Valentine's Day, he joked about getting her something a little more risqué: His 'eggplant'! See his hilarious pic here! It's no secret that Blac Chyna, 27, and Rob Kardashian, 28, are totally hot for each other, but Rob wanted to make it even more known on Valentine's Day -- with a little touch of humor! He shared a pic that insinuated Blac would be getting quite the exciting present for the lovers' holiday. Although Rob didn't reveal what he actually got Blac, he certainly made it clear that his "eggplant" would be involved!

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Rob Kardashian Valentines Day Message
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

While Rob was hinting at something awfully sexual, his meme was just too funny. As if the picture — which shows a kid throwing an eggplant — isn’t funny enough, the quote on the meme is the best part: “When bae ask what she getting for Valentine’s Day.” Okay, it’s a little gross, but we do have to admit that’s a pretty clever way for Rob to tell the world he’s going to have some fun with Blac on Valentine’s Day! To hear more about Blac and Rob, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!

With the way these two have been flaunting their sex life and relationship all over social media, there’s no question this Valentine’s Day will be a hot and romantic evening for Rob and Blac! She has shared a few pictures getting cozy with her man, including one where he’s sticking his face right in her boobs! Plus, Blac is inspiring Rob to get back into shape to help his diabetes diagnosis (and their sex life!), so it probably isn’t just his “eggplant” that’ll be pleasing Blac on V-Day!

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But even though Rob and Blac’s relationship seems pretty sexual on the outside, there’s apparently already tons of love between the two of them. They may have only been together for a few weeks now, but Rob has fallen hard for Blac, and she’s just as smitten — so much so that she is toning down her seductive ways for him when he’s not around. No wonder he wants to give her such a raunchy gift!

Considering we see these two on each other’s Instagrams all the time, we wouldn’t doubt it if Rob or Blac will post something else from their first Valentine’s Day as a couple. It probably won’t be a picture of Rob’s “eggplant,” but it’ll definitely be interesting what they do reveal!

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