Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell Engaged To Marry After 30 Years Together — Report

Wedding bells for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell?! How sweet! Two of Hollywood's longest-running lovers have allegedly finally decided to make their relationship legal, according to a new report -- and they couldn't be cuter about it. Find out how Kurt reportedly popped the question here! It's pretty rare to see a celebrity romance like Goldie Hawn, 70, and Kurt Russell's, 64. After all, the couple has been over-three-decades strong, but never felt the need to take a walk down the aisle -- until NOW! Find out what reportedly changed the couple's mind and how they will allegedly tie the knot later this year in a super romantic way.

Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell Engaged
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The superstar duo allegedly got engaged on New Year’s Eve 2015, according to a Star magazine. “It wasn’t impromptu,” the mag’s insider revealed. “Kurt even confessed he’d been wanting to ask for her hand for years, but was afraid she’d say no.”  Kurt did reportedly present Goldie with a ring, but “she’s not into flashing it around,” the insider divulged. We love that Goldie doesn’t feel the need to broadcast her and Kurt’s feelings, after all, it’s already a pretty well known fact that the two are crazy about each other.

In fact, it’s SO obvious that Kurt and Goldie have been madly in love with each that fans have been hoping this moment would come for decades, but even Goldie herself  never thought it would happen, the source revealed. The couple also have an actor son together named Wyatt, 29, which is just another symbol of their deep connection. So why has it taken THIS long for the lovebirds to decide to allegedly wed? Over the years, Goldie and Kurt have expressed very different views on marriage. Goldie has even been quoted as saying, “A lasting relationship isn’t about marriage. It’s about compatibility and communication.”

While we can’t argue with those words, there’s just something so special about exchanging vows and making it official, which is exactly how Kurt has always felt. But Goldie’s hesitation is understandable considering between the two of them, they experienced three bad marriages. Goldie was married to Gus Trikonis and Bill Hudson, the father of Kate Hudson, before settling down with Kurt. While Kurt was formally married to Season Hubley.

After all that heartbreak though, the two were able to find immense love with each other. And they are now reportedly in agreement to take the plunge and get married, in part, because they want it to be an important message for their family. “They think a wedding would be great for their grandkids to be a part of,” a friend close to the couple revealed. Come on, how adorable would Kate’s son, little Bingham, 4, look as a ring barer? “This is one Hollywood story that will have a fairy-tale ending,” the insider gushed. And we have to agree. Good luck you two!

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