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Zayn Malik Explains The Real Meaning Behind ‘Pillowtalk’: It’s Not Only About Sex

Zayn Malik has spoken -- and he's setting us straight! The singer's first solo single, 'Pillowtalk' is hot and heavy complete with sensual lyrics and a seductive beat, but according to him it's NOT all about sex. Click here to get the real scoop on his sexy new song! You could have fooled us, Zayn Malik! Despite fans being completely convinced that the meaning of "Pillowtalk" is all about getting busy, Zayn came clean and admitted that his romantic jam has a much deeper message. Look at Zayn getting all artsy on us! Read his explanation here -- it's super sweet!

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“It is about sex, there is obviously sex in a relationship. It’s not the whole incentive of the song though,” revealed the 23-year-old artist on Elvis Duran and The Z100 Morning Show on Feb. 2. So if Zayn’s super hot song, “Pillowtalk,” is NOT all about sex, then what IS it about? “The actual intent of the song is even though you have great times in a relationship, you have really bad times as well but that’s what makes it worth while because you learn things and you go through experiences that bring you closer together.” Aw is Zayn getting slightly mushy on us? His explanation makes so much sense!

We love that Zayn’s track has a more complex meaning hidden between the lines, because for a while there we thought it was strictly one-dimensional. Zayn even admitted in an interview with The Sunday Times on Jan. 24 that the song is “pretty black and white about what it’s about.” “Everybody has sex, and it’s something people want to hear about,” Zayn stated. Well we can’t argue with Zayn there, his song, which dropped Jan. 29, is already a huge hit and has landed that coveted number one spot on the charts in 60 countries. So it’s clear that no matter WHAT Zayn is singing about, people are definitely going to sit up and listen!

The former boybander is finally exploring his creativity and saying what HE wants to say, which is pretty exciting. We can’t wait to hear the rest of his songs — and find out what they’re about! Mind of Mine is set to drop on March 25 and will include 17-18 tracks.

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