Cristiano Ronaldo Flirts With Kendall Jenner On Instagram: He ‘Likes’ Her

Harry Styles better watch out! If he's not careful, Cristiano Ronaldo is going to snatch Kendall Jenner up. The sexy soccer player made that perfectly clear when he 'liked' a picture she posted on Instagram on Jan. 21. See it here! Cristiano Ronaldo, 30, seems to have a crush on Keeping Up With the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner, 20! The sexy soccer player liked a gorgeous picture of the reality star on Jan. 21, meaning he's totally into her. See it here!

Cristiano Ronaldo Likes Kendall Jenner Instagram Pic
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Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram/Rex USA

Let’s be honest — in today’s world, a “like” on social media means everything. Just look at the way Justin Bieber‘s fans attacked Ariana Grande after he “liked” a video she posted on Jan. 20. They were super jealous of a “like” because he must like her. Justin even took things a step further and commented, “Damn Ariana u look so good.” In this instance, Cristiano didn’t comment on Kendall’s pic, but his “like” was enough to show that he likely has the hots for her. And who wouldn’t? She’s absolutely gorgeous. To hear more about Kendall Jenner, head over to iTunes and download the latest HollywoodLife podcast for free!

In Kendall’s photo of herself — the one Cristiano “liked” — her big blue eyes are on full display. And her makeup looks flawless. She captioned the pic with the word “trippy,” but we’re not exactly sure what she means by that. Regardless, it’s a great image and Kendall took the photo on her own, as you can see her holding the phone in the reflection of the mirror. Those Kardashians — they’re such selfie queens! 

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Should Kendall drop Harry and date Cristiano? Should they meet while she’s in Barcelona? Tell us how you feel!

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