Aubrey Plaza Needs Cane To Walk Around: What’s Wrong With The ‘Dirty Grandpa’ Star?

Oh no! Aubrey Plaza has been sporting a new accessory lately and it's NOT because she's aiming for a spot on the best dressed list. The 'Dirty Grandpa' star was seen walking with a cane and frankly, we're concerned. Get the details of what's really going on here. We have to say, we've never seen someone rock a cane quite as chicly as Aubrey Plaza, 31. If anyone can fiercely pull off an injury, it's her! But while she still looks great, she's got to be experiencing some major pain. So what put the star in this less-than-ideal situation in the first place? You may be surprised!

Aubrey Plaza Cane
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As it turns out, Aubrey injured herself while — drum roll please — playing basketball of all things! And the damage is real, she did WAY more than just sprain her ankle.

“I tore my ACL right before Christmas,” the funny girl told Ellen Degeneres, 57, on Jan. 19 while appearing as a guest on The Ellen Show. “I was playing basketball and ya. So that’s pretty major.”

In fact, Aubrey was playing so hard that she had to have surgery as a result of the injury. “I’m in recovery….so that’s why I’m rockin’ this,” she told Ellen, motioning to her cane. But we don’t hate the new look! In fact, we love that Aubrey opted for a flashy cane as opposed to a set of crutches. If you’re going to be injured, you might as well look good!

On Ellen, Aubrey also admitted that her injury was far greater than she originally had expected. Although the Parks and Recreation alum usually has a joke for everything, an ACL injury, which is the tearing of one of the major ligaments in the knee, is definitely nothing to laugh about. When an ACL injury occurs, many people hear or feel a “pop” in the knee — ouch! The knee, as a result, will swell, feel unstable, and will become too painful to bear weight, according to

“I just snapped my knee in half and it was quite a scene,” the comedic actress revealed to Ellen. Poor Aubrey! But she is taking her injury like a champ and she looked completely amazing on The Ellen Show dressed in a bold orange suit. Teach us your ways Aubrey!

Aubrey is an avid basketball player who plays for a women’s team called The Pistol Shrimps. However, when she tore her ACL in December, she was playing on a different team.

Want to see more of Aubrey being fabulous? Of course you do! Her next big thing is starring alongside Zac Efron and Robert De Niro in Dirty Grandpa, which hits theaters Jan. 22.

What do you think about Aubrey’s new accessory, HollywoodLifers? Does she rock it her cane?

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