Roosevelt Field Mall: Christmas Shoppers Flee After Shots Fired During Robbery

A robbery took place at the Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City, NY., on Dec. 22 and shots were fired! spoke to one of the shoppers on the scene who told us she was terrified and thought it was a 'terrorist attack.' An absolute nightmare broke out for shoppers doing some last minute holiday shopping on Dec. 22 at New York's Roosevelt Field Mall. can report that an individual attempted to rob the Tourneau watch store at the mall and that's when at least one individual was shot. Mass chaos broke out at the mall with shoppers fleeing and spoke to a shopper, Alicia Singer, who says that police have shut down the mall and aren't allowing anyone to leave!

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This is so scary! “We happened to notice all the cars were leaving and evacuating when we got there,” shopper Alicia Singer tells “Tons of State Troopers and police were there and when we tried to leave they were looking in all cars and it was a stand still.” She also told us that she heard someone attempted to robbed the Tourneau watch store and that’s when an individual was shot. “I was very scared,” Alicia said. “I thought there was a terrorist attack and not being able to leave with a shooter on the loose.”

“The police responded to a robbery at Tourneau jewelry store located within the Roosevelt Field shopping mall at 12:55pm est. in East Garden City, NY.,” Officer Steve Zacchia, Nassau County Police Department told “Police determined that a male subject displayed a handgun and attempted to rob the jewelry store. He demanded all the jewelry. At that time, a security guard for the store and the suspect got into brief struggle and one shot was fired during the struggle. The bullet left the store and struck an uninvolved mall worker. That person is in stable condition at a local area hospital. The suspect is police custody. His identity is unknown at this time.”

The Roosevelt Field Mall is about 30 minutes from New York City and has over 270 speciality stores.”Nassau County police are responding to reports of shots fired at a robbery in progress at Roosevelt Field Mall,” according to WPIX. Another shooting broke out at the same mall, two years earlier, on Sept. 25, 2013. The shooter was identified as Sang Ho Kim and it started after he walked into a single-story building at 645 South St. around 10:10 a.m. — shot two employees. That’s when he drove to the mall and continued his terror.

WABC-TV reporter, Kristin Thorne who is on the scene, is live tweeting!

The suspect is reportedly now in custody — thank goodness!

HollywoodLifers, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved!

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