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Salt-N-Pepa Tell Young Women — Don’t Be Afraid Of ‘Being A Boss’

Salt-N-Pepa stopped by for an EXCLUSIVE interview, and they shared some amazing advice for young women! Read on to see why they say it's so important not to be afraid of 'being a boss'. Salt-N-Pepa totally revolutionized hip-hop with their authenticity and feminism. On Dec. 17, they stopped by to tell us EXCLUSIVELY why girls can't be afraid to be a "boss," and how they changed the rap game! We have the scoop, here.

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Salt N Pepa Feminism
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The two amazing ladies stopped by on Dec. 17 to talk to us EXCLUSIVELY about becoming hip-hop icons after a humble beginning meeting in school and working at a Sears in New York together. Thirty years later, they’re credited with inspiring millions of women with their personalities. “We were very organically just being ourselves,” says Salt (AKA Cheryl James). “We brought fun and femininity to hip-hop. The fact that we were outspoken and not afraid of being female is what a lot of women appreciated. Authenticity is sexy. When you’re being yourself, it’s contagious. You can listen to the full podcast HERE!

The duo has inspired so many people with their 3 decade career. “Even (Queen) Latifah is like ‘you paved the way,'” says Pepa, who’s real name is Sandra Denton, EXCLUSIVELY to “It’s always been a male-dominated field, and we feel there’s a voice missing.”But even still, misogyny is still alive in well in many rappers’ lyrics. “I don’t believe in censoring anyone’s creativity, but you do have to talk to your daughters about the music and what’s being said,” says Salt. “And I think it’s our responsibility as women to empower our younger generation.”

So how can women become empowered? “Just being okay being a boss, says Salt to EXCLUSIVELY. “I think something we do is we apologize or we comprise. We’re afraid of being a bitch, a boss, and we’re supposed to be nice and feminine. But in the workplace, you got to be a boss. You may not be liked but in order to move forward in life you have to risk not being liked.” But it’s important to prove that you’re just as strong as a man, continues Salt, saying “It is unfortunate that a lot of young women don’t have that guidance and this generation is being made to feel that their value is only in their sexuality and their bodies, and it’s sad.”

Besides spittin’ mad advice, the team is also working on an awesome new show called Cookin’ With Salt-N-Pepa. “It’s more about eating than cooking,” says Salt EXCLUSIVELY to She explains that they film the show on the go: “the cameras are just following us, so we’ll take a day off on the road to shoot it, and we end up with chef in the kitchen, and we just bring different recipes to the world, everyone loves to eat.” We can’t wait to see the gems they’ll dig up!

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