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King Cairo Heartbroken: He Misses His Room In Kylie Jenner’s House

Poor King Cairo! Tyga's son is taking his dad moving out of girlfriend Kylie Jenner's house pretty hard, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY. The toddler was in tears missing his room in the Calabasas home. Here's what we know. Tyga, 26, and Kylie Jenner, 18, don't see living apart as a big deal, but Tyga's son King Cairo, 3, begs to differ. The little cutie is heartbroken over not being able to spend time in his room in Kylie's mansion, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY, and mom Blac Chyna is beside herself over it. Here's the scoop.

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King Cairo Banned Kylie Jenner House
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It’s always harder on the kids, even if they aren’t yours. Tyga’s baby boy is missing Kylie, but even more upset that he can’t hang out in his super cool room at her house anymore since Tyga moved out of the mansion and into his Hollywood Hills bachelor pad. “Tyga’s not the only one missing Kylie or her house,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “So too is King. King lived in the lap of luxury at Kylie’s mansion. His room there is a child’s paradise. It’s filled with toys, coloring books, his remote control cars, the works. You could leave King in there for hours and he’d be just as happy as can be.”

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Now, with Tyga not living with Kylie, there isn’t really much reason for Cairo to visit. “Since Tyga’s moved out of Kylie’s, King hasn’t been there,” the source continued to EXCLUSIVELY. “He’s been between Tyga’s new pad and Blac’s home.”

Problem is, kids don’t understand this kind of stuff, and it’s made for some heartbreaking moments for King’s mom. “Blac recently tried putting him to bed at her house and he threw the biggest tantrum she’d ever seen,” the source told EXCLUSIVELY. “He was crying and didn’t want to sleep. He said ‘I don’t like my room here, I want my room at Kylie’s!’ Blac was stuck.”

Blac and Kylie have been at each other’s throats for the duration of Kylie’s relationship with Tyga, so Blac was understandably torn up hearing that King would rather be at her ex’s new girl’s place. “She was completely still for at least three minutes and started crying,” the source told EXCLUSIVELY. “She let King play because she needed to grasp what he had just said. She calmed herself down, text Tyga and told him that she never ever wants King inside Kylie’s house again. Tyga has yet to reply back.” Poor thing! Hopefully they’ll get this all worked out soon.

What do you think, HollywoodLifers? Is it a good idea to keep King away form Kylie’s house to help him forget about it, or should Blac let him go there? Let us know!