Calum Hood Hints He’s Leaving 5SOS — See Cryptic Tweet

Is Calum Hood about to pull a Zayn Malik? The 5 Seconds of Summer bassist had fans in total freak out mode after sharing a cryptic tweet that seemed to hint he may be ready to leave the boy band. See it here! Say it ain't so Calum! The 5 Seconds of Summer bassist put fans through a roller coaster of emotions on Nov. 30 when he tweeted a message that seemed to suggest that he's prepared to leave the Aussie boy band despite their ongoing international success. Is he seriously ready to call it quits? See the disheartening message here!

Calum Hood Leaving 5SOS
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Sorry 5SOS fans, but this may seriously put a damper on your day. It appears that the relentless touring, endless interviews and non-stop travel has finally taken its toll on Calum. On Nov. 30, the 19-year-old bassist posted a message on Twitter that had fans worried that he was going to pull a Zayn Malik and quit the group. The tweet — which he quickly deleted — reportedly read, “One day I will leave and live a normal life,” a message that is eerily similar to Zayn’s departure statement, which also discussed his desire to go live life as a “normal 22-year-old.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for Calum’s tweet to send fans into a frenzy, with the supportive hashtag “#WeLoveYouCalum” immediately taking over as the top trend on Twitter. But fear not 5SOS family, because it looks like Calum isn’t going anywhere — for now anyways. Realizing the widespread panic that he caused, Calum followed up his original tweet with a with a super happy tweet involving goats and a smiley emoji. “Me,” he wrote alongside a picture of a smiling baby goat that also included the caption, “this happy goat is making me feel so happy about everything.”

Needless to say, if Calum was planning on leaving the band, he likely wouldn’t be posting adorable pics of baby goats and referencing how happy he is. If we had to guess, we’d say that Calum was just having a really bad day (we all have them) and tweeted out some of his frustrations without realizing how fans might read into it.  No worries though guys, for now , it’s all good!

HollywoodLifers, are you afraid Calum is going to quit 5SOS? Would you be devastated? Sound off below!

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