‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Hook Kills [SPOILER] After He Becomes The Dark One

With two Dark Ones out there, things were bound to get crazy. The darkness got the better of Hook, and he ended up killing [SPOILER] on the Nov. 29 episode of 'Once Upon A Time!' There's a dark Hook on the loose, and everybody better watch out. On the Nov. 29 episode of Once Upon A Time, we finally learned how the gang got back to Storybrooke, Hook and Emma both betrayed each other and part of Hook's master plan as the new king of darkness was revealed.

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Once Hook realized he was the Dark One, he was PISSED. He was so angry at Emma for taking his memories and lying about what happened in Camelot. Emma begged him not to do anything stupid. But he didn’t listen — he took her memories in return. When asked what it felt like to be the Dark One, Hook said he felt “reborn.”

Back in Camelot, Hook transformed into the Dark One. He instantly saw Rumple, the resident voice in every Dark One’s head. Rumple revealed that he could help Hook get his revenge, as in killing the actual Rumple. Meanwhile, Merlin warned the gang about the power of this new Dark One. They needed a game plan. Charming questioned why Emma couldn’t let Hook die — Snow snapped at him to have faith in Emma. When it’s true love, you can’t just give up. “I just hope her faith in Hook is justified,” Charming said.

When Hook and Emma crossed paths again, he screamed at her for throwing him back into the darkness. Emma still believed they could have a future together — they just needed to kill the darkness. All they had to do was believe in each other. They shared a kiss, and all seemed well, but it wasn’t. Rumple began taunting Hook about Excalibur. Emma lied about having it to protect him, but he ended up just being mad that she didn’t believe in him.

Emma pleaded that she did believe him. She handed him Excalibur and promised never to control him again. She told him she loved him — the first time she said it first.

Revenge & Happy Endings

Meanwhile, Merlin was making the message we saw earlier in the season. But it was Hook who had found him and took out his heart. Hook wanted to get back to Storybrooke to enact his master plan. In order to do that, Hook had to crush the heart of his one true love. That’s when Emma showed up.

Hook admitted that once she lied about Excalibur, all bets were off. “Your revenge is not your happy ending, I am,” Emma begged. He used a loophole and used Nimue to crush Merlin’s heart. But it’s worthy to note that he may be the Dark One, but Hook couldn’t crush Emma’s heart.

Emma took action quickly. She made Hook forget he cast the spell and that he was the Dark One. She erased everyone’s memories and added a memory wipe to the curse. Now that’s how they all got back to Storybrooke!

In Storybrooke, Emma finally told Regina and Snow that she had turned Hook into a Dark One. Snow was being super annoying and called Emma wanting to sacrifice Zelena “pre-meditated murder.” Sit down, Snow. They all wanted Emma to give them back their memories so they could figure out Hook’s plan — but Hook took the dreamcatchers! Hook was at Rumple’s shop and wanted the chance to fight him. Hook’s impersonation of Rumple was amazing and SPOT ON. He wanted the fight to be epic, so Hook even offered to fight with Excalibur — the only thing that could kill him.

Apparently, Nimue was the key to stopping the Dark One. They needed a new game plan. Emma had the cuff on so she couldn’t use magic to help. She asked Rumple to take it off, and even Henry said not to.

The gang headed off to do some research, but Rumple stayed behind. He was ready to be the man and hero his son always wanted him to be. He was willing to fight Hook. If he won, he told Belle to meet him at the well. Robin and Regina also allowed Zelena to visit her daughter.

A Pretty Blonde Distraction

Merida was guarding Emma, and it didn’t take long for Hook to show up. Hook said he only felt anger, hatred and disappointment for Emma now. “You were nothing more than a pretty blonde distraction,” Hook told Emma. OUCH. He then stuck the figurative knife in Emma’s heart about being an orphan. She would always push others away and destroy her own happiness. “I want to hurt you like you hurt me,” Hook said.

Emma had to take action. She wanted Rumple to use squid ink during the fight with Hook so she could steal back the dreamcatchers. Rumple said no. Emma went to the library to talk to Henry. He agreed to make a locator spell to find the dreamcatchers. It was Operation Cobra — Part 2.

Hook and Rumple fought on the ship. Rumple eventually bested Hook in a surprise move and let Hook live. Rumple met Belle at the well, and it just went downhill from there. Belle broke up with Rumple. He had hurt her so many times, she had to protect her heart for now. She needed time away from him. Poor Rumple.

Emma found the dreamcatchers in the clocktower. Henry trusted Emma and took off the wrist cuff. She promised to make up for hurting him. Emma gave everyone back their memories, and she realized what Hook was planning. Hook needed the blood of someone who had been to hell and back — Rumple. The pond was a portal to hell. He dipped his hook into the pond, bringing Nimue and all the other Dark Ones to Storybrooke. Catch up on Once Upon A Time on Amazon now!

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