Tyler Perry Shows Off Ripped Abs & Shocking Weight Loss On Beach — Pic

Whoa, Tyler Perry is that really you? The 'Madea' star is showing off a whole new body, and it's not just weight loss. He is totally ripped, with a six-pack and all! He looks amazing! Read on to find out what caused him to make over his body. Tyler Perry, 46, is looking all kinds of hot these days, thanks to some major weight loss and hitting the gym. The actor/director is flaunting his fabulous body on the beach, showing off how all of his efforts have paid off. But according to him, it's still a work in progress and he wants to lose almost 20 more pounds! Crazy!

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“I’m 18 lbs away from my goal. I hope I don’t blow it this holiday season. Gonna try to stay on it. It’s hard as heck to lose weight after 40, but it’s so worth it. It keeps the doctor away,” Tyler captioned a Facebook photo Nov. 22, where he’s seen on a tropical beach, shirtless and in nothing but blue swim trunks. He’s posing with his arms flexed in the air, proudly displaying his hard-earned six-pack. He was hardly heavy but not exactly fit when photographed in July 2015, so this new look is something he’s clearly been working at.

“Don’t let anything keep you from being healthy and strong. I wish my mother had fought back. She turned diabetic at 40 and died at 64. Don’t let that be you!! Fight back!!” Oprah‘s BFF added. Looks like Tyler has nothing to worry about in the health department because he’s never looked better! He’s going to need super-duper extra padding and makeup for any more Madea roles. Looking this good, we can’t imagine what another 18 pounds off his frame will look like! You can click here to check out Tyler Perry’s A Madea Christmas.

Tyler has been documenting his exercise habits throughout the autumn months, but this is the first time we’ve seen how much it’s paid off. On Nov. 7, he posted a Facebook message saying, “The older you get the harder it is to keep the weight off. But I’m fighting. Look at my calorie burn!!” while thanking his personal trainer and showing off a watch that read 1,685 calories burned during just one Soul Cycle session. Your efforts are definitely paying off Tyler, you look AMAZING!

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