Charlie Sheen: Why He Never Told Ex Bree Olson About His HIV — Manager Speaks

Bree Olson claims Charlie Sheen didn't tell her he had HIV while they were dating. Yikes. But before she takes her rage out on her ex-boyfriend, Charlie’s manager explained why the 'Anger Management' star never informed Bree that he had the disease. Bree Olson, 29, is seeing red over Charlie Sheen, 50. The former porn star has called out Charlie for not telling her that he was HIV positive while they were together. It may turn out that Charlie had a perfectly good reason why he didn’t disclose this status to his former "goddess" girlfriend.

“Bree Olson was with Charlie in March and April of 2011, when he fired her from the [Violent Torpedo of Truth] tour,” Mark Burg, Charlie’s manager, said in a statement to E! News. “Charlie was not HIV positive at that time and tested negative two times after he got back from the tour.”

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So, it turns out that Charlie didn’t tell Bree he had contracted HIV because, according to Mark, “he wasn’t HIV positive at the time” that they were together — or even shortly after they broke up. Mark also said that his client “has not spoken to [Bree] since April 2011.”

This excuse may not calm Bree down. A war of words has broken out between Charlie and his ex-“goddess” ever since the news of his HIV status. Before Charlie’s announcement on TODAY, Bree clarified her own HIV status on her website. She said that she visits her gynecologist “at least once a year,” and gets tested for everything. Thankfully, Bree said her results were “clean,” but there’s certainly now some bad blood between her and Charlie.

“I watched [Charlie on Today] before I can in here,” Bree told Howard Stern on Nov. 17, completely outraged that Charlie admitted that he had HIV while they were together. “That’s when I was with him! I was living with him! We were sleeping together every single night.”

Bree also said that Charlie “never said anything. Ever.” However, a source close to Charlie said that Bree was “lying” during her Howard Stern appearance, and that she wasn’t living with Charlie when he found out about his condition. Hmm. While it seems Bree was no longer involved with Charlie when he discovered he had HIV, he probably should have told her right away.

So Charlie hasn’t talked with her since 2011? No wonder she’s mad that she only found out when he decided to tell the entire world. You can imagine she’s no longer DVR’ing Charlie’s Anger Management series, but you can watch the whole series right here.

HollywoodLifers — do you think Charlie should have told Bree Olson he had HIV sooner, even if they weren’t together? Or do you think she shouldn’t be so mad at him?

— Jason Brow

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