Lamar Odom Can’t Recognize Loved Ones — Doctors Fear Permanent Brain Damage

Lamar Odom's inability to recognize close friends and family have doctors worried that he may suffer permanent brain damage after his brush with death, according to a new report. This doesn't sound good. It's been a month since Lamar Odom, 36, was rushed to hospital after an alleged drug overdose at a Nevada brothel, and a new report claims the former basketball star is having a tough time communicating and recognizing close friends and family. Doctors fear that this brain damage could last forever. Poor Lamar.

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The Father-In-Law

Lamar’s struggled with his recovery in the past two weeks and hasn’t progressed as much as doctors would have liked, sources tell TMZ. Lamar can’t recognize longtime friends and some family members when they come to visit him, which has doctors believing that he may have suffered permanent brain damage. He is only able to speak a word here and there, and at times seems “empty.”

Lamar has been in hospital since Oct. 13, after he was found unresponsive at the Love Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada, following an alleged drug overdose, after it was reported he indulged in a 3-day bender.

It’s a major concern that after one month of the best treatment money can buy that Lamar is still struggling with his health. This latest setback could see him staying at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles for much longer than anticipated, which is very, very sad.

Khloe Kardashian told Ellen DeGeneres on Nov. 13 during an interview that Lamar’s recovery is still in the early stages. “He has such a long way to go. He’s learning how to walk again and feed himself again and put sentences together, and cognitively there’s a lot. It’s a long, long road ahead,” she said.

Ellen also asked Khloe if Lamar is frustrated, or if he knows what happened to him. Khloe said, “Well I can’t tell him. We tell him he has a brain injury, we can’t tell him how that injury was caused because it’ll set him back. He’s never asked why he’s here, yeah, he doesn’t ask.”

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— Jon Boon