One Direction’s Song ‘A.M.’: Fans Freak Over Curse Word In Lyrics

Our boys are growin' up! One of the songs on One Direction's brand new album, 'A.M.,' has a bit of adult language and fans are totally freaking out about the swear word! They're big boys now! One Direction finally dropped their highly anticipated new album, Made In The A.M., on Nov. 13 and one song has the fandom losing their minds! "A.M.," a song about taking the party from the evening into the morning hours (or A.M., if you will), features the word "asses"-- the first time the guys have ever used a curse word in their music! See some of the best One Directioner freakouts!

So, that’s just a taste of some of the sheer pandemonium coming from fans about this singular curse word right now, but we want to hear from you, HollywoodLifers. What do you think of One D including “asses” on their song? Is it a totally fine display of maturity or inappropriate?

— Casey Mink

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