Angelina Jolie: Filming Sex Scenes With Brad Pitt Was Extremely ‘Awkward’

Angelina Jolie has done plenty of sex scenes in her films through the years, but in her latest flick 'By The Sea', she had to direct herself in love scenes with real life husband Brad Pitt! As you can imagine, it's just as awkward as it sounds. Yikes! Angelina Jolie, 40, had the complicated task of not only directing but acting in her new film By The Sea, which co-stars her husband Brad Pitt, 51. They play a couple whose marriage is falling apart, but they still had steamy love scenes to shoot. And while it may be one thing to shoot a love scene, Angie reveals it's even more awkward when it's with the person you're intimate with in real life. Wait, wouldn't that make a love scene easier if you already having sex with that person? Read on for Angie's reasons why it was a challenge.

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“Love scenes are strange anyway, but when you’re doing a love scene with a person that you really have sex with? The only way to get through it was for us to all talk about the absurdity of it and make sure no one was feeling awkward,” she told Entertainment Weekly, noting how hubby Brad would get protective of his real life wife while shooting it. How sweet is that?

It was even more surreal when it came time for Angelina to direct herself in her own nude scene. “It’s the strangest thing in the world to be lying naked in a bathtub with an iPad that’s showing you the shot outside, while your husband is at the door and you’re directing him to come in and make love to you,” Angie shared. “(And) in front of a bunch of other men with cameras.”

Her protective husband helped her keep covered in between nude scenes while she put back on her director’s cap. “I couldn’t get out of the bathtub to get to the monitor because the director is naked,” she laughed. “We’re artists and want to be free, but Brad — it’s his wife. He was on towel duty. He’d hold the towel over me,” she revealed. What a gentleman!

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— Beth Shilliday

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