AJ McLean Spills Adoption Plans, Boyz II Men Duet & When You’ll Hear New BSB Music

Babies and Boyz II Men? Yes, both were covered in our long, exclusive interview with AJ McLean, who stopped in to promote his new solo album. Luckily, we have some serious tidbits to hold you over! (And yes, we asked about the Spice Girls rumors.) AJ McLean's new single, "Live Together," is a dark story about an important topic in his life -- and it's all inspired by his daughter, Ava. AJ stopped in for our HollywoodLife.com podcast to promote the new single, which you can hear here, but naturally, we got him talking about his adorable plans for baby no. 2, and yes, his single, crazy days as the player in Backstreet Boys.

AJ McLean Adopting
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The entire interview with AJ will run here and on our iTunes podcast this Thursday, but here’s a few juicy tidbits that will make you really excited — if you’re anything like me.

On having another baby:
I think, we are actually in the process of talking about adopting. We would love to give a child a home. And a buddy of mine went through an amazing adoption company I think based in VA, so in January we’re going to get to talks about it and hopefully get on the list!

On girls throwing themselves at him as a Backstreet Boy:
I took advantage of it, whenever I could. I’m not going to lie. I was 17, 18 traveling the world and having girls that were 23 at the time, or 18 — they were hot, throwing themselves at me — I was like, ‘Uh yeah.’ But when I’m in a relationship, I’m fully committed. But when I’m not… this is what I do. Sorry I’m doing my sexy voice right now.

On BSB’s next album:
I know [Nick’s] gonna make it to the finale [of Dancing with the Stars], then he’s going to take a well-deserved break — which we all are because of the Holidays are coming up. January is probably the most realistic time. Then a tour.

On being the biggest player of the group back then:
I would have to say me! That’s right ladies. Yes. Nick [Carter] and I were kind of tied. We were both the youngest and just kinda living it up and having fun! Looking back on it now, it’s funny. When my wife & I started dating, I was like ‘So you’re gonna learn this about me, I’m very insecure and codependent and a people pleaser, so how many guys have you dated/slept with?’ She’s like ‘About four including you, how many for you?’ I’m like … ‘No, why would you ask me that?!’

On a special duet on his new album:
Actually, you know what’s funny, I did a duet on my album with [Boyz II Men‘s] Mr. ‎Shawn Stockman. It’s actually a song called ‘You,’ so [it’s] something to look forward to!

The entire interview will be on HollywoodLife, and available on iTunes this Thursday for free here!

— Emily Longeretta

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