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Selena Gomez Saved Justin Bieber’s Relationship With His Mom: She Was The ‘Peacemaker’

No wonder Justin Bieber still loves Selena Gomez -- she loves his mom! Selena mended Justin Bieber and his mother's broken relationship, gently prodding both parties to just go ahead and reunite! Is there anything Selena can't do? Selena Gomez, 23, paved the way for Justin Bieber, 22, to reconcile with his mother, Pattie Mallette after their falling out. Justin and Pattie haven't weren't speaking, but in came Selena to bridge the gap in their relationship, according to one our our EXCLUSIVE sources. Now is she going to do the same magic for their relationship?

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Selena Gomez Peacemaker
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“When Justin and his mom were at odds and not speaking, Selena stepped in and constantly told him that he needed to work things out with Pattie,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. “Selena would talk to Pattie and let her know what was going on with Justin. Selena and Pattie were tight, and still are.”

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“Selena knows how important family is, and always reminded Justin to reach out to his mom and check in. She has always been somewhat of a peacemaker, and Pattie has always appreciated that. Til this day, when Selena and Justin speak, she will ask about Pattie. These two women know Justin better than anyone else.”

Selena’s advice seemed to work! As Justin told Billboard in a November 5 interview, the relationship with his mother was “pretty nonexisting,” but it was steadily improving. Pattie now lives in Hawaii, and according to Justin “it’s hard, but it’s getting better.” It’s nice to know that they’re working things out, because like Selena said, family is so important.

It’s sweet to know that Pattie and Selena kept up a close relationship, even if Selena and Justin stopped dating. The fact that Pattie holds Selena in such high regard must speak volumes about her to Justin! And we all know, from that same explosive interview, that he’s still madly in love with her. In fact, he’ll never stop loving her. It’s good to pick someone who likes your parents, and who your parents like!

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— Samantha Wilson, Reporting by Sandra Clark