‘Project Runway’ Winner Ashley: ‘Plus-Size Women Can Be Trendy’

Ashley took home the prize on 'Project Runway' when she made history with her plus-size collection -- and she has major plans to revolutionize the industry. Ashley Tipton pulled off a first on Project Runway when she sent the first ever plus-size collection down the runway at New York Fashion Week -- and we got to chat with the designer about her plans to change the face of fashion. "I love how supportive each judge and Tim, as a mentor, was. They were so supportive of me creating a plus-size collection, it was like, 'Ashley, you have to do this, you have to take this opportunity.' I was just waiting for them to say we allow you to do it. I was always gonna do it, eventually. I was just waiting for them to allow it," she said.

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Not only did Ashley bring plus-size fashion to New York Fashion Week, but she incorporated sexy silhouettes you don’t see often enough in the market — and that totally stood out to us as viewers, along with the judges. “I want plus-size women to be trend-setters. I want other women to look at our fashion and be inspird. I want to stop having plus-size as it’s own section, I want it to all be equal and accepting of this plus-size movement and the industry,” she said. “We’re not here to promote an unhealthy lifestyle. When they walk out of the house they want to feel accepted and feel good in their clothing, it’s a different outlook on life for everyone.”

Ashley also weighed in on why there’s such a need for change. “It is a multi-million dollar industry that’s being ignored. Me, doing this, is bringing awareness. We need clothing for this industry. We need to be treated as equals to show that plus-size women can be fashionable trend-setters, we should be walking down the runway.”

The designer praised Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy for spreading awareness and trying to break the mold of misconceptions surrounding the market. “I would love to work with them. I love the fact that they are fighting for what they believe in. That they are plus-size women and understand the struggle. I’m glad they’re able to use the status of who they are to go and create these collections for us. I feel like if you’re in the industry doing plus-size, it is brave and you’re taking risks. We have to praise these people who are doing it, because it takes a lot of courage, strength and creativity to create plus-size clothing.”

We can’t wait to see Ashley continue to make her mark in the industry.

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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