‘Are You The One?’: Devin’s Latest Move Proves He’s Literally The Worst

In case you were wondering how not to treat a lady, all you need to do is watch Devin on 'Are You the One?' to remember. Everyone has that friend who dates a bad guy, but no matter how many times you tell them, they go back to him. Well that's definitely the case right now on Are You the One? with Kiki and Devin, who by the way are not a match. Everyone has told her that not only are they ruining everyone else's chances at a million dollars, but he's also playing her -- and this week she walked right into it.

The getaway challenge this week was all about communication — the girls had to direct the blindfolded men to stack blocks — but could they listen? Well Alec and Melanie and Hunter and Rashida won it all and went horseback riding through Hawaii — perfect for Hunter. Alec was just excited to not be stuck with Stacey again, but when Stacey saw them cuddling, she was not happy. On their date though, Alec and Mel totally had chemistry and shared a berry and kiss (that’s like a bushel and a peck, right?). So were they a perfect match? The truth booth said NO! And back to square one they went.

So the house decided to finally try some speed dating and to get to know other people — you know, week seven. Everyone except Kiki, that is, who spent every date with different men talking about Devin. Afterward, she told Devin how much she was into him and that she was falling love with him. Here’s what he told the cameras, not her:

Speed dating, brilliant idea because everything that Kiki’s saying is giving me ammo to play her and make her look like an idiot. She just doesn’t get it yet — that I’m full of sh-t. She is a puppet. She will sleep with me, do whatever I want. And that’s truth.

That was followed by the puppeteer hand movement.

Subsequently, he told her that he was sorry for being rude when he was hurt but that he’s scared because they’re getting so “deep,” that she is “wonderful” and then asked if they could sleep together.  He also asked her if they could sleep together — and they in the group room.

All the girls literally yelled at her, which made her break down — and run into his arms. Yawn. At the seventh match up of the season, Kiki and Devin both got called out for having sex in the group room — gross. Also, Conner was one of many to come at Devin for treating her “like a piece of meat.” Accurate. Here’s who the choices were:

Rashida chose Alec
Kiki chose Nelson
Amanda chose Hunter
Britni chose Devin
Melanie chose Chuck
Hannah chose Zak
Stacey chose Mike
Kayla chose Austin
Cheyenne chose (by default) Tyler

The group was pretty stoked to not get a blackout — but they still only got three beams out of ten (and one was Conner and Chelsey). Literally this group is not getting anywhere, amiright? Do you think they could possibly all find their matches in the final three weeks?

— Emily Longeretta


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