Kendall Jenner & D’Angelo Russell: Kobe Bryant ‘Hazing’ Rookie Over Rumored Romance

Kendall Jenner sparked dating rumors after she was spotted cheering on Los Angeles Lakers rookie D'Angelo Russell at a couple of his games, and one person that has certainly noticed is Kobe Bryant! In fact, an insider tells us EXCLUSIVELY that he's been teasing D'Angelo about it! A new romance may be brooding between Kendall Jenner, 20, and D'Angelo Russell, 19! As D'Angelo begins his rookie season with the Los Angeles Lakers, things are heating up with Kendall, so of course his teammates are going to see that their newest member has a famous lady in his life. But while the rest of the team may just notice her on the sidelines, Laker star Kobe Bryant, 37, is having a little fun messing with D'Angelo for his potential fling with Kendall!

“One person who definitely took notice of the romance rumors is D’Angelo’s teammate Kobe,” a source revealed to EXCLUSIVELY. “He has been teasing the rookie about it, saying he’s already gone Hollywood. Kobe really gives him a hard time saying he better worry more about being a professional basketball player than becoming a reality star. It’s playful hazing, but you know Kobe really wants him focused on the team and not Kendall.”

It sounds like Kobe wants D’Angelo to keep his head in the right game! Considering it’s D’Angelo’s first year in the NBA, it totally makes sense that a basketball vet like Kobe would want to keep him focused on the right thing — especially since Kendall is such a catch!

Kendall has already attended two Lakers games on Oct. 27 and Nov. 1, grinning from ear-to-ear while cheering on D’Angelo. As her modeling career has continued to boom, she hasn’t been super focused on dating. But the source added that Kendall is “finally ready to fall in love,” and sparks are definitely flying between her and D’Angelo!

Although things are still in the early stages, we’re thrilled to see Kendall so happy over a guy. Plus, Kendall has always been super focused on her modeling, so she’d be a perfect fit for an up-and-coming star like D’Angelo as we doubt she’d want to distract him from his basketball success. Kobe can keep up the “playful hazing,” but we think he has nothing to worry about if these two really do become an item!

Are you a fan of Kendall and D’Angelo dating, HollywoodLifers? Do you think it’s hilarious that Kobe is teasing D’Angelo about their new romance?

— Taylor Weatherby, Reporting by Tim Plant

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