Taylor Lautner Drunkenly Sings Karaoke At Nashville Bar & It Doesn’t Go Well — Watch

Sing it, Taylor...or don't? During a night out in Nashville, Taylor Lautner decided to give singing a try when he stepped onstage for some karaoke. Unfortunately for Taylor, his attempt fell a little flat -- but it made for quite the hilarious video! Taylor Lautner, 23, has established himself as a totally talented actor, but one thing he probably shouldn't do is sing. He took on Journey's "Don't Stop Believin'" while partying at Tootsies Orchid Lounge in Nashville on Oct. 27, and unlike his acting, it wasn't exactly on point. That didn't seem to bother a tipsy Taylor, though, because he was still the life of the party! And the best part is, it was all caught on tape! Watch the vid here!

Who knows how Taylor ended up on stage — a little liquid courage, perhaps? — but the TMZ vid shows him singing along to the Journey classic with a live band and loving every minute of it. He actually managed to hit the first high note pretty well, so there seemed to be hope for the rest of the tune. When it came time for the second high note, Taylor was ready…but apparently his voice was not! Clearly trying hard to reach it, his voice cracked and suddenly went completely off pitch. But Taylor totally knew what happened, immediately saying, “Nope!” and apologizing to the audience!

Although Taylor’s singing may have been a little off, he had no fear staying up on stage. After realizing singing isn’t his thing, he gave mad props to the band that he was performing with calling them “by far the best band I’ve ever seen.” He even advocated for the crowd to fill their tip jar! And hey, no matter how pitchy he was, Taylor still looked super hot in his rockstar moment!

Even if Taylor’s future as a singer doesn’t seem very promising, he’ll be just fine thanks to his acting chops! While he hasn’t appeared in much since his Twilight saga days, he’s making a hilarious comeback with a new role! Taylor stars alongside Adam Sandler (and a whole bunch of other famous comedians) in a new Netflix movie titled The Ridiculous 6 in which he plays a hillbilly named Lil’ Pete. With overalls, a floppy hat, and buck teeth, it’s quite the transition from Twlight‘s ab-flashing Jacob. But no matter how he looks in his films, he always portrays his roles perfectly — so let’s just forget about his little karaoke disaster!

What did you think of Taylor’s singing, HollywoodLifers? Should he stick to acting or try the rockstar life? Share your thoughts below!

— Taylor Weatherby

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