Nick Robinson Reveals He Wants In On ‘Jurassic World 2’ & His Dream Stunt Scene

The bad news: Nick Robinson has yet to be confirmed for 'Jurassic World 2.' The good news? He tells EXCLUSIVELY he already has big plans for his character, Zach, to get his hands dirty. Nick Robinson, 20, was one of the breakout stars in 2015's biggest film, Jurassic World. Now, with the DVD/Blu-ray available in stores, the young actor dishes about making the film, his high hopes for the sequel, and one of his wildest fan experiences.

“I have not heard anything so we’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed,” Nick told EXCLUSIVELY when asked whether or not he’ll be in the Jurassic World sequel due out June 22, 2018. Nick was gracious enough to chat all things Jurassic World with us at New York Comic-Con on Saturday, Oct. 10 where he “opened the gates” to the showroom floor in celebration of the film being released on DVD/Blu-ray.

However, Nick has plenty of time to be confirmed for the sequel, so he was happy to share the one thing he hopes to see his character, Zach, do in the next film. “I was gonna say ride in a helicopter, but I don’t think that really turned out too well for the last guy,” he joked. “So maybe take a spin on the motorcycle. The vehicles they have are crazy in this world. So, I’m game, I’m up for whatever, I’d take a spin on the motorcycle.”

Sounds awesome! Maybe his pal, Chris Pratt, 36, will teach him how to handle the hog.

Nick’s Craziest Fan Experience So Far Revealed

Even though he’s still up-and-coming in the land of Hollywood, being in one of the biggest films of his own generations has made Nick pretty recognizable. Unfortunately, it also makes for some awkward moments at the airport!

“I had a guy at the TSA recognize me, which is kind of weird because then you have to get frisked,” Nick shared with EXCLUSIVELY. But even an uncomfortable situation with the TSA doesn’t deter Nick from appreciating his fans all over the world. He also shared, “People have been really cool and really supportive and they’ve gotten really creative, too. I’ve gotten some really cool letters and gifts and stuff that have come in.”

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Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are you hoping to see Nick return in Jurassic World 2? Do you think he’ll get to do his own stunts this time? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox


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