Lamar Odom Allegedly Tests Positive For Drugs: Will He Go To Jail Now?

Lamar Odom allegedly tested positive for cocaine when he was admitted to the Sunrise Hospital, according to a new report. The test results have reportedly been given to the Las Vegas sheriff. Will Lamar go to jail? Here is what we know. Lamar Odom, 35, reportedly had cocaine in his system when he was admitted to the hospital on Oct. 13, as evidenced by blood tests conducted at the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas. The Nye County Sheriff's Department has now reportedly received the test results and, according to one sheriff, it is "possible" that the findings will send Lamar to jail.

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The Father-In-Law

It is “distinctly possible” that Lamar will be prosecuted for drugs, according to Sheriff Sharon Wehrly, who spoke with TMZ before the test results came out.[jwplatform jwgtNcwn]

Also prior to the test results, HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with a criminal defense attorney, James E. Silverstein, to find out how at-risk Lamar was of being prosecuted. “While each state has varying anti-narcotic laws, it is almost always unlawful to have illicit narcotics, such as cocaine in one’s system,” he said.

The reported findings of the drug test come just one day after the owner of the Love Ranch brothel, where Lamar was found unconscious, Dennis Hof, spoke out claiming the women working at the brothel had nothing to do with whether Lamar did any drugs. “None of the prostitutes who work for him have a history with drugs…and they wouldn’t be working at the ranch if they did,” claims TMZ, who spoke with Dennis. Dennis also said that he requires each of his employees endure a background check, and he refuses to hire any woman with a drug-related incident in their past. Finally, Dennis said that, if drugs were present during Lamar’s stay, he brought them there himself.

HollywoodLife has reached out to both police and Sunrise Hospital for comment.

— Casey Mink