Tila Tequila Dresses Baby Isabella Up As Hitler After Offensive Nazi Comments — Pic

What was Tila Tequila thinking?? The 'Shot at Love' star shared a shockingly offensive photo of her innocent baby dressed as Adolf Hitler, just two months after she was in hot water for comments supporting nazism. Tila Tequila posted an insanely inappropriate photo on Instagram October 24, that showed baby Isabella with slicked back hair and a very small mustache -- an Adolf Hitler costume. The nauseating photo was accompanied by a bizarre rant, in which Tequila referenced the apology she had to issue for her past comments about nazism. Maybe this wasn't the best followup, Tila!

Tila Tequila Baby Hitler Costume
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

“Gasps!!! Isabella!!!!! What in the holy??? One day when you grow up, you’re going to have to apologize for this picture, young lady!!! It will come back to haunt you! This way you’ll know all the struggles your Mama has been through, but I remained strong! Just for you my #Princess!! I’m only posting this because #BabyHitler was trending on Twitter today! Lmao! Don’t worry! I shall punish her for being a silly child who meant no harm to anyone! She gon learn today!!! 😂😂😂,” Tila captioned her horrifying photo.


Um, does Isabella really have to apologize for something her bigoted mother made her do as a baby? Tila is still angry about getting kicked off Celebrity Big Brother in August 2015, after it was revealed that she penned a lengthy essay in 2013 defending Hitler — and a photoshopped picture of her posing in front of Auschwitz. Atrocious!

Her blatant support for nazism was met with horror, and definitely not tolerated, getting her removed from the show. Tila released a statement shortly after her firing, apologizing; she said that at the time she wrote “Why I Sympathize With Hitler Part 1,” she was suffering from depression and drug addiction, and hoped for forgiveness. Though what she wrote was unimaginably appalling, it seemed like her apology was sincere. Apparently not!

By the way, when Tila said that #babyhitler was trending, it wasn’t in support of dressing your child as the German dictator. NYT Magazine tweeted a poll that it had recently done, which asked if people would kill a baby Hitler if they went back in time. Obviously, this went instantly viral because people thought it was such a bizarre question.

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— Samantha Wilson 

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