Kim Kardashian Admits To Wearing A Diaper In Shocking Post-Pregnancy Confession

Kim Kardashian is the queen of over sharing -- and her last blog post was no different. The expecting mommy shared some 'gross things that happen after pregnancy' and didn't hesitate to state she had to wear a diaper. Yes, a diaper. We can't help but wonder, were they couture? Kim Kardashian, 34, is making it loud and clear that she loathes being pregnant. In her very candid blog post on her website, the KUWTK star shared a very intimate detail about a not-so-fashionable accessory she had to wear after giving birth to North West, 2 -- and it's hilarious.

Kim Kardashian Wears Diaper
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Kim got really candid and revealed on her website that, “People just don’t tell you all of the gross things that happen during pregnancy or after. Do you know you basically have to wear a diaper for two months afterwards?! LOL! No one told me that! #SoSexy.” Does that come in couture. 

She went on to say, “So on this journey, as I remember all of the annoying and sometimes gross things that happen during pregnancy, I will be sure to share them with you. I don’t want to hide anything I’m experiencing or feeling.” This isn’t even remotely gross in comparison to her past confessions — peeing herself in Spanx.

Kim Confesses She Hates Being Pregnant

Kim also had no problem confessing the worst experience of her life — being pregnant. On the same post, she stated, “I’m gonna keep it real: For me, pregnancy is the worst experience of my life! LOL! I don’t enjoy one moment of it and I don’t understand people who enjoy it. My mom and Kourtney clearly did! More power to them but I just don’t relate!”

She went on to say, “I’m not sure why I don’t like the experience like others do. Maybe it’s the swelling, the backaches or just the complete mindf**ck of how your body expands and nothing fits. I just always feel like I’m not in my own skin. It’s hard to explain. I don’t feel sexy, either — I feel insecure and most of the time I just feel gross.”

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— Brittany King 

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