‘Ghost Adventures’: Did Mark Kill Wife, Her Boyfriend & Self After She Abused Him?

This is shocking and terrifying. 'Ghost Adventures' stars Mark and Debby Constantino have both died in an apparent murder suicide, and a new report claims Mark turned the gun on he and his estranged wife, as well as her alleged boyfriend, after he had faced abuse for years. Ghost Adventures stars Mark Constantino, 53, and Debby Constantino, 52, were both found dead in their daughter's apartment in Sparks, Nevada on Sept. 22, along with a third murdered man. Now, more details are emerging about the horrific incident, and they are beyond upsetting. The third victim, James Anderson, 55, was Debby's alleged boyfriend and, according to a new report, Mark was driven to murder them both before killing himself following years of abuse from Debby.

Ghost Adventures Dead Couple
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The couple has had a long history with domestic violence, generally coming from Debby, according to the New York Post. In fact, Mark and Debby have been involved in 10 separate domestic abuse incidents in the past three years alone, “with Debra acting as the primary aggressor in a majority of the incidents,” according to a police source.

Debby’s first arrest was in 2012, resulting from a domestic battery charge after she drunkenly fought both Mark and their daughter. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning. In March, 2015, Debby was again in trouble for domestic battery when she used a grapefruit knife on Mark, slashing his forearms in a heated debated about their finances, according to authorities.

And in August, 2015, Debra filed for divorce with claims that Mark, along with their 23-year-old daughter, had pulled her from her car before strangling her.

The couple’s final altercation was the most violent yet, with police tracking Debby and Mark’s cell phones to their daughter’s apartment. Authorities attempted to negotiate with Mark for two hours but were ultimately unable to convince him not to follow through with killing he and Debby.

— Casey Mink

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