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Model Born Without Legs Shares Inspirational Outlook: ‘I’m Different & That Is Sexy’

Here is your daily dose of inspiration! 23-year old Kanya Sesser was born with no legs, yet she's accomplished so much in life already. She's a surfer, a model, a motivational speaker AND a lingerie model! Kanya Sesser was adopted from an orphanage in Thailand at the age of 5 and now, she's making $1,000 a day doing lingerie shoots. The inspirational model, who was born with no legs, maintains a positive outlook on life and beauty. Despite her different appearance, she feels beautiful, she says in a new interview. See exactly what she says!

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Model Born Without Legs
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Modeling is “something fun” that “shows her story,” Kenya told NY Daily News. “I’m different and that is sexy, I don’t need legs to feel sexy … I love showing people what beauty can look like. These images show my strength. I enjoy making money from it and I love showing people what beauty can look like. These images show my strength.”

“It just happened for me and I got used to it,” she said. “I like expressing myself in a different way than people usually see. I’m very honest, I’m real — I’m never going to behave different to anyone. This is just who I am.” Kenya also opened up about her new boyfriend, Brian. “Brian is awesome — he is very supportive of everything I do,” she said. “He recently saw me modeling for first time and told me he thought it was beautiful and unique.”

Kenya explained that she doesn’t feel the need to wear makeup to be beautiful. “Outside of work I don’t wear make-up. I can be girly and I don’t mind wearing it — I like getting my make-up done when I am on a shoot,” she said. “But people say I’m beautiful whether I’m wearing makeup or not.”

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— Shira Benozilio