Lil Dicky Releases Epic ‘$ave Dat Money’ Music Video That Cost $0 — Watch

OMG. Rapper Lil Dicky is a genius! He wanted to create an epic music video for his song '$ave Dat Money' without spending a single dollar -- and he succeeded! Lil Dicky's song "$ave Dat Money' is all about, well, saving money! That's why the rapper wanted to create "the most epic rap video ever without spending ANY money," as he explains in the video. He went around asking owners of mansions, yachts and clubs if he could use their spaces for free to shoot the video and he really pulled it off! He made one EPIC video -- watch!

At the beginning and end of the video, you can see footage of Dave aka Lil Dicky asking people to use their spaces for free and it’s hilarious! At the end of the video, he explains why he decided to “sell out” for this vid! He said:

“If ever there were a time to sell out, it’s certainly the ‘”$ave Dat Money” music video! Why shouldn’t I get f**king paid? Every other God damn video there is a Beats Pill six different times! You know, I never really sell out. I am pretty integrity driven, for the most part. This is my time to save that money!”

Amazing. The video blew up on YouTube the second it came out and fans flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts:

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— Shira Benozilio 

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