Zendaya Blasts Haters Who Called Her Parents ‘Ugly’ — Her Message

Go Zendaya! The former Disney star took to Twitter to defend her parents against trolls who called them 'ugly,' and she shut them down in the BEST way possible! Don't mess with Zendaya! The 18-year-old singer recently schooled some haters who mocked her parents and called them "ugly" on Twitter. Rather than stooping to their level, the actress and newly-minted shoe designer used the opportunity to post an amazing, thought-provoking message to hopefully teach them all a lesson. Click here to see her response!

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Zendaya Defends Parents
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It all started when one Twitter user posted a picture of Zendaya with her parents, Claire Stoermer and Kazembe Ajamu Coleman, with a caption that seemed to imply that she is too pretty to have come from her parents. Sadly, other users soon jumped in, calling her parents “ugly,” and even going so far as to say they “would cry” if there parents looked like hers. So rude!

Being the amazing person that she is, Zendaya didn’t waste any time stepping in and effectively shutting down the haters in the most amazing way — by writing a heartfelt message about her parents for all to see. “First, I’m gonna pray for you,” Zendaya wrote next to a photo of herself and her parents smiling together. “While you’re so concerned about what my parents look like, please know that these are two of the most selfless people in the world. They have chosen to spend their entire life, not worried about trivial things such as looks and insulting people’s parents on Twitter, but instead became educators who have dedicate their lives to teaching, cultivating and filling young shallow minds.”

Tell ’em, girl! Of course, Zendaya wasn’t going to stoop to the same name-calling level as the people she was calling out (she’s far too classy for that). Instead, she decided to lead by example, ending her post with an inspiring and uplifting message for her haters. “So please, log out, go to school, hug a teacher and read a textbook…and while you’re at it, go look in the mirror and know that you too are beautiful, because such hateful things only stem from internal struggles. Bless you. -Me and my BEAUTIFUL family,” she concluded. Perfection!

This isn’t the first time Zendaya had an eloquent response for her critics. In Feb. 2015, she took Giuliana Rancic, 41, to task when the Fashion Police host said her dreads made her look like she “smells like patchouli oil… or weed.” Needless to say, Giuliana learned her lesson after messing with Zendaya, and we hope that these cyber bullies did, too!

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— Alyssa Montemurro 

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