Virginia Shooting Suspect: Vester Flanagan Allegedly Posts 2 Videos Of Attack

Two videos of the Virginia murders, taken from the perspective of the shooter, have been posted on a Twitter account under the suspect's professional name, Bryce Williams. The videos show a man approaching Alison Parker and Adam Ward, before firing. Warning: The below video is graphic and includes the shooting of Alison Parker, 24, and Adam Ward, 27, of WDBJ TV Station that took place on August 26 in Moneta, Virgina. The videos were posted by a Twitter account @Bryce_Williams7 -- suspect Vester Flanagan, goes by TV name of Bryce Williams. The apparent shooter shot himself, on the I-66 highway in Virginia, when approached by police.

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The twitter account, which has now been removed, also featured a series of tweets, that read, “Alison made racist comments. EEOC report filed. They hired her after that??? Adam went to HR on me after working with me one time!!!” The tweets can be seen below.


In the videos, we see the profile of Alison who is interviewing Vicki Garder, the head of the Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce, about tourism in Virginia. The back of the camera man, Adam Ward is to the camera. We see many shots fired before the camera goes out. On live TV, we saw Adam Ward’s camera view and when the camera hit the ground, we got a brief glimpse of the shooter. The station then cut away to a anchor, Kimberly McBroom, back in the studio, who was completely shocked.

“He was a difficult person for a lot of people to work with,” the general manager of WDBJ, Jeffrey Marks said in a statement about shooting suspect, according to FoxNews. He was chased by authorities down the I-66 highway, and shot himself when approached by police. He is now in critical condition.

The first video is above, showing the approach. The second video, which features the actual shooting and is extremely horrifying, can be found on

— Emily Longeretta

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