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Dave Grohl Brings Crying Man On Stage During Emotional Performance — Watch

Sometimes, the Foo Fighters' music makes their fans cry! When one man in the audience got very emotional during an Aug. 16 concert, Dave Grohl brought the crying fan up on stage for a personal performance of ‘My Hero.’ Click to watch! It’s okay to cry if you’re a Foo Fighters fan, because Dave Grohl, 46, has your back. One of the band’s fans was openly weeping at one of their shows. Instead of making fun of him, Dave decided to invite the man to rock out with the rest of band! Nice!

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The Foo Fighters rolled into Greenwood Village, Colorado on Aug. 16, reports Alternative Nation. Dave was still on crutches for the gig, as he broke his leg during a Swedish concert back in June. It didn’t stop him from rocking as hard as he can! During an acoustic performance of their classic song, “My Hero,” Dave was ready to offer up a theory on touring or something. Whatever he was going to say, he changed his mind when he noticed a fan was crying!

“Don’t cry, mother*cker. I know you’re drunk. Don’t cry,” said Dave, about 2:30 into the video taken by a fan. “Are you crying right now? You’re f*cking crying aren’t you?” When Dave realized that yes, the man was indeed crying, he was moved! “I love you man. Look at you! Holy sh*t. You know what, f*ck that speech I was just going to make. I’m singing this sh*t to you right now.”

Dave then proved why he’s possibly the coolest guys in music. He invited the fan, who later introduced himself as Anthony, up on stage. Dave clearly knew that Anthony was one of the many people his music has affected throughout the years, like David Letterman, who claimed “Everlong” was his favorite song. It was so cool that Dave treats his fans with such appreciation.

Once Anthony was on stage, he gave Dave a huge hug and seemed completely in shock that he was there. Dave played it cool and continued to sing “My Hero,” even inviting Anthony to join in!

“Nice to meet you, Anthony,” said Dave after the song was over, before adding “Get the f*ck off the stage!” Of course, he was just joking, as Dave threw an arm around him in a big hug. “One of the great things about being in the Foo Fighters is that you never f*cking know what is gonna happen when you play a …show.” Well said, Dave.

What did you think about Dave bringing the crying fan up on stage, HollywoodLifers? Does that make him the coolest dude in rock?

— Jason Brow