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Blac Chyna Wants Kylie Jenner To Know She’ll Never Have A Grown Woman’s Body Like Hers

Blac Chyna is still not backing down when it comes to her beef with Kylie Jenner. Kylie's turning 18 soon, and Blac's on the attack! She wants Tyga to know that his lady is NEVER going to have what she's rocking, according to our EXCLUSIVE source! Kylie Jenner, 17, really has to watch her back as she turns 18, because Blac Chyna, 26, is on the prowl. Her new line of attack is mocking Kylie's body, which she thinks is less-than voluptuous, according to a source who spoke to EXCLUSIVELY! And she's not being coy about letting ex Tyga, 25, know that he did when he gave her up to date a teenager -- even though Kylie's approaching womanhood, she's never going to look like Blac!

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Blac Chyna Disses Kylie Jenner
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“It still irks Blac that Tyga’s into little girls and gave up what he had with her for a teenager, a source close to Tyga told EXCLUSIVELY. “But that’s life. She just wants him to know that even his little boo thang is turning 18, she’ll never have a grown woman’s body. Kylie will never have Blac’s hips, chest, thighs or cakes. No matter how much money she spends trying to reconstruct her body, she’ll never have what a sista is born with.”

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Woah! Harsh, much? Kylie is a beautiful girl, and going after her body is going a little too far. Kylie and Blac have been in this fight for such a long time at this point, and it’s not the first time they’ve dealt blows toward one another on their appearances — we’re all aware that Blac loves to poke fun at Kylie’s plumped-up lips!

Of course, this really isn’t about Kylie’s body, is it? Blac’s smarting that Tyga picked a teenager over her (which is understandable), and is trying to make him see everything he’s missing being without her. She’s a fully-grown woman, after all, and Kylie is, admittedly, very young. Just because Kylie doesn’t look like Blac, doesn’t mean Tyga doesn’t love her just the way she is! Both ladies are totally gorgeous!

Blac also dissed Kylie by suggesting she needs to get rid of her Barbie dolls before turning 18. HollywoodLifers, do you think Blac’s being too mean to Kylie? Tell us in the comments!

— Written By Samantha Wilson, Reporting By Eric Mitchell