Leolah Brown Kicked Out Of Bobbi Kristina’s Funeral After Outburst

Bobby Brown's sister and one of Bobbi Kristina Brown's aunts, Leolah Brown, was kicked out of Bobbi Kristina's funeral after screaming during the service, according to a shocking new report. Get all the details here. Leolah Brown was removed from Bobbi Kristina Brown's funeral service at St. James United Methodist Church on Aug. 1 after she started screaming at Pat Houston, 55, during the memorial service, a new report claims. This is just the latest in the ongoing family feud between the Browns and the Houstons.

Leolah Brown Kicked Out Bobbi Kristina Funeral
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Pat was getting ready to speak at the memorial service when Leolah screamed, “Pat you know you are wrong for this!” according to TMZ. Leolah was immediately removed from the church after the shocking outburst with help from security and family friend Tyler Perry, 45.

Once Leolah was outside, she reportedly started talking to the media. “Whitney Houston will haunt Pat Houston from the grave,” she said, according to Daily Mail. “It’s not over. We’ve got evidence of who Pat really is, this is going to be a long drawn out process. Things are connected. Pat is a fraud and a phony. She is not a Houston, she’s a Garland.” She also added: “It was all fine until Pat started speaking.”

Many members of the Brown family were angry that Pat, who planned the Sweet 16-themed funeral, requested funds instead of flowers for her charity. This shocking turn of events was exactly what both sides of the family feared. The Browns and Houstons notoriously do not get along, and we learned EXCLUSIVELY that family’s been worried the service would end badly. “There is so much bickering back and forth that some family members are expecting major drama, potential fights and anything else that would ruin what the day is all about,” our source said. “It’s going to be soap opera the entire time.”

Leolah has always been outspoken when it came to Bobbi Kristina. She notably said in an interview that she believed Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, 25, should have charges pressed against him in connection to Bobbi Kristina’s death. She also voiced her outrage over the alleged photo taken of Bobbi Kristina on her deathbed while she was in hospice.

Bobbi Kristina’s casket arrived ahead of the service at the church in Alpharetta, Georgia on Aug. 1. Family and friends began arriving to say their final goodbyes. One day earlier, Bobby Brown, 46, Cissy Houston, 81, and more family members attended her wake, with the feuding families paying their respects separately at the funeral home.

— Avery Thompson

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