Blac Chyna Reveals Transformation — Did She Get Plastic Surgery Like Kylie Jenner?

Whoa! Blac Chyna revealed a major transformation pic of herself from ages 16 to 27, and fans are criticizing Kylie Jenner's nemesis for having plastic surgery -- even though she's poked fun at the 'KUWTK' teen's lips! Blac Chyna, was that really you?! The hip hop model posted side by side pics of herself from when she was 16 and another one of her now at 27. Fans are going crazy over how different she looks, even calling her out for getting plastic surgery as she's aged. If that's the case, it does seem to be a bit ironic, since she's mocked Kylie Jenner's, 17, plump lips before! Hmmm...

Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery
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Most people look different from how they did at 16, but when Blac posted a throwback photo on Instagram on July 25, alongside a stunning shot of her now, fans are calling out the major difference in her appearance. Some of the comments include: “She’s a whole different face,” along with, “Your was prettier before all the surgeries,” and “The plastic surgery is strong with this one, and also “More like a before and after picture.” Whoa!

If Blac Chyna did get plastic surgery like fans are speculating, it would be pretty ironic. Seeing as though she’s engaged in a diss war with Kylie, which revolved around mocking her looks, Blac would have nothing to make fun of Kylizzle for, if she had plastic surgery herself. It’s obvious Blac isn’t a fan of Kylie for being in a relationship with her ex man, Tyga, but she’s taken her disses to an extreme level. We all remember the pic she posted of her wearing extremely huge lips when the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge went viral!

Blac Chyna Had A ‘Field Day’ Dissing Kylie Jenner’s Home During Visit

Tyga recently went behind Kylie’s back when he snuck Blac Chyna into her home, so she could check out the special room the teen built for hers and Tyga’s son, King Cairo, 2. However, the whole time Blac was in Kylie’s pad, she just couldn’t stop mocking Kylie’s style!

“She walked through every single room critiquing the place, mostly saying s–t like ‘that’s ugly’ and ‘this girl has no taste,’” an insider told us.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Blac Chyna had plastic surgery? Let us know!

— Julianne Ishler

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