Patrick Dempsey: Devastated Actor Remembers ‘Vibrant’ Co-Star Amanda Peterson After Death

The tragic death of actress Amanda Peterson had several celebrities shaken up, including her former co-star Patrick Dempsey. He tweeted his condolences after hearing the news July 7, and he continued to mourn her loss by seeking comfort in his friends. It's never easy to lose someone you care about. Amanda Peterson, star of the 1987 classic Can't Buy Me Love, was sadly found dead in her Colorado home on July 5 at just 43 years old. Her co-star and on-screen love interest, Patrick Dempsey, 49, apparently didn't take the news too well—we completely understand and feel his pain. Fortunately for Patrick, he found comfort in his friends in such a hard time.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Apollo Pictures

News of Amanda’s passing broke on July 6 after her body was discovered on July 5, and stars like Sarah Michelle Gellar and Neil Patrick Harris reacted to the news via Twitter. On July 7, Patrick contributed with a beautiful message for his late co-star, saying, “In my memory, she will always be vibrant and young. Gone too soon. Sending my thoughts and prayers to Amanda’s family.” We don’t think he could’ve given a nicer tribute.

Despite his touching tweet, Patrick didn’t take the news lightly. Daily Mail posted pictures of the actor from July 7 after he heard about Amanda’s death, and he looks extremely distraught with slumped shoulders and a sad expression. His reaction is completely understandable, as Amanda’s death was a big surprise to all.

Amanda’s cause of death has yet to be determined, but according to what her father told TMZ, she had issues with sleep apnea and some illness that may have contributed to her sudden passing. She also reportedly suffered from pneumonia and sinusitis that was allegedly caused by mold in her former home. Even more sad, she left behind a husband and two children.

Our thoughts remain with Amanda’s family and friends, and we hope to see Patrick pull through this difficult time.

— Taylor Weatherby

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