Rumer Willis & Sisters Want Their Own Kardashian-Like Reality Show

We could be into this. Rumer Willis, along with her sisters, is thinking she wants to follow in the footsteps of another set of famous sisters-- and star in her own reality show! Following Rumer Willis' smashingly successful run on Dancing with the Stars, it seems that she has the reality TV bug! Rumer, 26, with her sisters Scout and Tallulah, might just take the throne from Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian as the next batch of sisters creating antics for us to (guiltily) enjoy.

Rumer Willis Reality Show
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“The girls don’t want to live off their parents’ success,” a source told Ok magazine. “They want to prove they have what it takes in their own right,” they added.

Of course, the sisters already have garnered a ton of popularity as it is. They each switch off posting photos on their various social media platforms, showing off their gorgeous bikini bods, as well as their incredible outfits. And, if the show does get the green light, the girls are pretty much guaranteed some added star power! “Even Demi is up for making cameos,” the source said. Demi, meaning Demi Moore, the girls’ mother.

Well, if Demi shows up, that means it’s only a matter of time until their father, one Mr. Bruce Willis, joins them too, right? Right. Hey, girls, we know you want to do your own thing separate from your famous ‘rents, but if you have a reality show, appearances by your gorgeous creators are just the stipulations. Apologies.

The girls wanting to create their own names in show business certainly would explain some of Rumer’s motive for going on Dancing in the first place, wouldn’t it? And that worked out, so maybe this would too!

Would you guys want to see a Willis reality show? Or should they stick to Instagram-celebrity status?

— Casey Mink

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