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‘Teen Beach 2’: Ross Lynch & Maia Mitchell Reveal Unscripted Kiss — Watch

Say what? When 'Teen Beach 2' premieres, we might just see Brady and McKenzie share a smooch onscreen-- and it wasn't even in the script! We got the EXCLUSIVE scoop from both the actors! Finally, Teen Beach 2 will premiere on Disney Channel on June 26, and we could not be more excited. The followup to the massive 2013 Teen Beach Movie, the sequel will see Brady (Ross Lynch) and McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) continue their relationship, and we chatted with the film's stars EXCLUSIVELY about what we can expect. Specifically, the kiss between them that almost didn't happen! Check out what both actors had to say!

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“Maia and I did a kiss spontaneously,” Ross told us EXCLUSIVELY. “We thought that Mac and Brady should have an onscreen kiss. It wasn’t scripted and the director didn’t tell us to do it and we just did it and hopefully it makes it in the movie!”

Well, hopefully. So, we had to ask, was Maia a good kisser? “Yeah!” he said, nodding. “Yeah.”

Meanwhile, Maia told us some of the ways we’ll see Brady and Mac grow, both as individuals and as a couple in Teen Beach 2. “You get to see Mac in her regular school environment,” she said. “In the first movie you see she and Brady kind of by the beach, chillin’ out, it’s summer vacation and then they’re in this 1960s movie. Now you’re seeing the couple back to school, back to the high school cliques, back to their friends, so you’re going to really see how they interact in that environment.”

We also asked Maia about that little unscripted kiss– and she totally blamed Ross! “Just putting it out there, for the record, it was him,” she said. Check out our chat with Maia below!

Do you hope that we get to see Brady and McKenzie’s kiss?

— Casey Mink