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Josh Duggar: His Family’s Keeping Him From Harming Himself After Molestion Scandal

Josh Duggar is going to be okay. After reports swirled that the '19 Kids & Counting' star was suicidal following his molestation scandal, a source tells EXCLUSIVELY how his huge fam is keeping him from harming himself. Unfortunately, the Duggars' reputation has been tarnished by its eldest child, Josh Duggar, 27, and the revelation that he inappropriately touched young girls -- two of them being his little sisters Jessa Duggar, 22, and Jill Duggar, 24 -- back when he was a teenager. While the public shame must be unbearable, we have EXCLUSIVELY learned why the father-of-three doesn't want his life to end over his controversial past coming to light. Read on for all the details!

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“Suicide is not the answer in the family, nor is it the thoughts that Josh has,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY — referring to the June 24 report from Star magazine, claiming he was thinking about doing “something drastic.”

“He is getting through this with the help of friends and family, but killing himself has never crossed his mind. He sure as hell is feeling the pressure of the situation but physical harm is not the end game,” the source says. Phew! Yeah, that’s never a good idea.

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While he’s been forced to internalize a lot of feelings since his unseemly actions as an adolescent, he’s also been able to unload on his eighteen siblings — and his parents, Michelle and Jim Bob who have been more than supportive. “He is getting alot if support from family and friends,” our insider explains. “It’s a rough road he is dealing with right now but he is getting through it. Faith is obviously helping him through as well.”

The Duggar Sisters: Why They’re Minimizing Sexual Molestation

While Josh is clearly having a tough time moving on from what he did, his victims (and siblings) Jessa and Jill have made a huge effort to find forgiveness for their big bro. As public opinion continues to annihilate Josh’s character, the Duggar girls have somehow moved on from the incident in addition to sweeping his past actions away.

“Victims of this kind of abuse carry a lot of guilt and shame that they somehow have responsibility in what happened to them,” family therapist Steve Ornstein told EXCLUSIVELY, explaining why it seems like the reality TV clan is dismissing Josh’s sexual abuse as if it was nothing. Even though it may not be best to ignore Josh’s former indiscretions, at least he knows his family’s always got his back.

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