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Bella Thorne Reveals She Was Offered Lead On ‘Scream’: Why She Turned It Down

Wait a minute, Bella Thorne was A-OK with only being in one episode of MTV's soon to be hit show, 'Scream?' Well actually, yes. She just told exclusively that she was actually offered the lead -- but didn't want it. Bella Thorne is definitely embracing her new role! At 17, she's the first person you see in MTV's sexy and scary new series, Scream. However, she almost didn't take on that Drew Barrymore role. So, why did she take the role of "mean, terrible Nina?" And will we see her more than just the premiere? Well, there's a good chance of that one.

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Bella Thorne Scream Role
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“I had the option to do the lead, but I thought I should choose this role because I felt it was more iconic,” Bella told exclusively at the Guitar Hero Live booth at E3 in LA. “I thought it was just a little bit more and also I’ve never been killed on screen before. I’ve never been killed ever on anything that I’ve done. I’ve always been the character that lives at the end so it was my first time dying on screen which is pretty cool. I wouldn’t say that my character isn’t necessarily in any more of the episodes but you’ll see!”[jwplatform lNcM85f7]

Wait a minute — she would have been Emma, the part now played by Willa Fitzgerald? And does that mean Emma survives to the end? Ok, we’re looking really far into this, but still, it’s a little crazy that she wouldn’t take the lead. However, coming from a Scream fan, the epic beginning scene is pretty amazing and Drew Barrymore did it pretty well, too. Plus, it makes sense — Bella has a lot going on, incuding a book series coming in November, a clothing line, and a new ABC Family show, Famous in Love.

Let’s go back to her saying that she may be back in the show. Of course, we dug on that one. “I can’t neccesairly say, but I’m pretty sure there’s a good chance [you’ll see me again],” she told us. “I’m the mean, terrible Nina. I really hope thought that they can make my character a tiny bit more likable. You always see in this, that she’s very mean. I don’t know why people give me the mean roles! I’m not mean. All the roles that I’m doing now, I’m not mean. I was like I’m done with the mean roles now guys. Let’s move on to something else please!”

Well, we cannot wait to see Bella on Scream, which premieres Tuesday, June 30th at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

— Emily Longeretta