Taylor Swift’s Harness Belt: SHOP 4 Ways YOU Can Rock The Trend

When Taylor Swift headed out in a backwards harness belt she turned heads and had fans talking -- and it's actually a major runway trend that the celeb set, (including Tay), can't get enough of -- and now YOU can rock it, too. SHOP and read on for tips on mastering this look. Yes, Taylor Swift, 25, did accessorize her concert tee and short shorts with a harness belt when she headed out to lunch with Selena Gomez on June 16 in LA. While many were quite confused about the look, (and the fact that she sported it backwards), we're here to set the record straight -- harness belts are, in fact, having a major moment -- and you can also try the trend, just like Taylor!

taylor swift harness belt backwards

Harness belts crowded the runways for both the Spring 2015 and Fall 2015 season — and our favorite crooner showed off a great way to bring the trend to your everyday style. When fans called Taylor out for her rocking a new accessory backwards, she took to Tumblr and replied in a cute, creative way — would you expect anything less from the stylish star? “I think you’re ignoring a really important point here…that my harness and I are always ready for a zip line/rock climbing. Ask yourself…are you ready for extreme adventure should it present itself? HARNESS LIFE 2015”

Sure, Taylor turned hers around, but that’s totally allowed when rocking a harness belt — in fact, sometimes they’re more flattering that way. If the harness belt is more ornate and you want to wear it with a casual look ala Taylor, don’t be afraid to throw it on backwards! Thanks for showing off a creative way to work the trend, Tay!

If you want to rock the look, we recommend selecting a rather simple, thin style — you don’t want it to get in the way of your assets, especially if you have a larger bust. You can rock the look over a simple tee, (just like Taylor), or wear a more ornate version over a dress or blouse. We especially love rocking the accessory over a flowing, longer top or blouse, which you can wear over leather pants or skinny jeans. If you prefer more feminine looks, why not add a harness belt to give your flirty look a little edge?

The style of Taylor’s harness belt is flattering on a slew of body types and is the easiest way to wear the trend. For those who have a smaller chest, you might like the way a belt that has one strap down the center looks. Not only do harness belts add a trendy factor to your basic staples, but most styles are reversible, giving you many options.

Our suggestion? Try to try one on. Play around with the straps and adjust it so that it works on your frame — then get ready to throw it on over all your summer looks! Love the trend but weary to try it out? Why not attempt a jeweled version that you can wear with a bathing suit to the beach, just like a body chain.

So, what do you think of the harness belt trend? Are you ready to rock it?

Katrina Mitzeliotis

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