Ireland Baldwin Severely Bruised After Being Brutally Attacked By Three Men

Oh no -- we seriously can't believe our eyes! Ireland Baldwin was spotted walking around Malibu...with a black and blue face?! The young star was recovering from a vicious attack made by three men, reportedly. Going for a stroll with her new boyfriend Jon Kasik, 23, on June 17, Ireland Baldwin, 19, was photographed looking incredibly battered and bruised. The daughter of Alec Baldwin, 57, suffered injuries after more than one man trampled her in a brutal assault, according to a new report. Read on for all of the horrifying details -- and to see the jarring pics!

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While Ireland should have been able to revel in the joy of welcoming her baby brother and dad Alec’s newborn son, Rafael, today; the model’s mood appeared somber as she stepped out with a shocking new battered appearance. To see the alarming photos, CLICK HERE.

Normally making jaws drop for her stunning good looks, Ireland happened to turn heads for very different (and heartbreaking!) reasons during a recent beach outing in LA. With dark marks all over her face unhidden by makeup, it was clear that someone or something had taken a hit to the teen socialite. A source tells that Ireland’s discolorations are the result of three men jumping her late at night on June 15. Even more frightening? The attackers had been following the 19-year-old for quite some time before pouncing on her. Yikes!

“A week ago, a crew of guys were following Ireland around Malibu, tailing her car super close,” said the site’s source. “So Ireland came back to Soba Recovery Center and got one of the bodyguards at the center to come out and say the harassment needs to stop.”

Ireland has been staying at Soba due to “emotional trauma” she garnered from the initial bullying. But then on Monday the same “three guys attacked Ireland,” the site claims. While we hate seeing Miss Baldwin so torn up, we’re just glad she seems to be on the mend!

Ireland Baldwin Forced Into Rehab For Substance Abuse — Report

It’s been a pretty tough year for the teen beauty. Just two months ago, Ireland checked into rehab for her issues with excessive drinking — allegedly. “Ireland, accompanied by her mother Kim [Bassinger], did her intake at a center in Malibu on Thursday [April 9] and checked in the following day,” Radar reported on April 13.

And Ireland did not enter the rehab facility willingly, the outlet says. “She came in kicking and screaming,” the insider said at the time. “Apparently Ireland did not think that she has a problem, but she has been partying non-stop and her family is worried sick about her. Alcoholism runs in their family. Two of Ireland’s relatives also went to this facility, so this place is well-trusted in the family.”

Whether she’s partying too hard — or caring for severe physical pain — we just want Ireland to be happy, healthy and safe! HollywoodLifers, let us know what YOU think about the latest photos of Ireland’s facial bruising? Are you worried? Let us know!

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