‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Clare Crawley, Jade Roper & More Join Season 2

That's right -- summer's best guilty pleasure is returning on August 2, and trust me, this lineup will make this season a can't-miss one! With six women from Chris Soules' season and four men coming straight from Kaitlyn Bristowe's, it's about to get super hot in Mexico. We knew that Chris Harrison was begging certain people (we're looking at you, Ashley Salter) to join Bachelor in Paradise, and now, it's official. Yes, the onion girl from Chris Soules' season is one of the 16 singles who are heading to Mexico for season two! Of course, there are four men that we don't know yet -- from Kaitlyn Bristowe's season. So, who else can you expect to see?

Bachelor In Paradise Season 2 Cast
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Here’s the full list from ABC:

Jillian Anderson, 25, News Producer, Washington DC
You saw her on Chris’ season, working out a lot, and kissing him in the hot tub. He was not interested after their one-on-one rooftop dinner, but we’re interested to see how many times the black bar will need to be used this time around. 

Ashley Salter, 25, Hair Stylist, Alpharetta, GA
Yes, this is the onion girl. Ashley claimed that she was “just bored” which is why her behavior was so odd on Chris’ season, but regardless, we can’t freaking wait to see her try to find love, or just try to walk on the beach in Mexico

Jade Roper, 28, Cosmetics Developer, Los Angeles, CA
Jade was a favorite of Chris’ on his season, until he headed home and met her family, who referred to her as a”wild mustang.” There, she revealed her secret past with Playboy, and ultimately he wasn’t sure if he could move forward with her.

Carly Waddell, 29, Cruise Ship Singer, Arlington, TX
You may remember Carly from Chris’ season and her drama with Britt — she called her out on being fake and told Chris all her secrets. However, now she’s “hoping to form a real connection and is ready to woo the men with her sultry singing voice.”

Clare Crawley, 34, Hair Stylist, Sacramento, CA
From Juan Pablo‘s season to  BiP season one, we’ve gotten quite the views of Clare. What we do know is that she is BFFs with a raccoon in Mexico and that she has had a really hard time keeping a relationship. To be fair, anyone would after what JP did to her. 

Ashley Iaconneti, 27, Freelance Journalist, Wayne, NJ
Yes, this is the Kim Kardashian lookalike from Chris’ season who got in that nasty fight with Kelsey. I have to point out that she uses the best mascara ever.

Tenley Mohlzan, 30, Nutritionist, Encinitas, CA
You saw her on both Jake Pavelka‘s season and on Bachelor Pad, and she left heartbroken both times!

Juelia Kinney, 30, Full-Time Mom, Portland, OR
Juelia was absolutely the sweetest on Chris’ season, and he was even crying after sending her home — she told him the story of her husband’s suicide which tore everyone apart.

Dan Cox, 32, Small Business Owner, Las Vegas
You may have seen Dan on Desiree’s season, or not since he was sent home early.

Kirk Dewindt, 32, Personal Trainer, Minneapolis, MN
Kirk fought for Ali on her season, but let’s just say the fan’s didn’t exactly love him — and on Bachelor Pad season two, that didn’t work out so well either.

Mikey Tenerelli, 33, Business Owner, Winfield, IL

Mikey fought for Desiree on her season, but is now ready “with his priorities in line this time and a fresh outlook on life and love.”

There will also be four eliminated cast members from the current season of The Bachelorette, plus a “mystery woman” who comes in “with an attitude and connections that are sure to shock everyone.”

How excited are you? Who do you want to see most? Let us know! Bachelor in Paradise premieres Aug. 2 on ABC.

— Emily Longeretta

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